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In September 1991, on the occasion of the second visit to Brazil of His Holiness the Pope John Paul II, the same group of laics displayed a banner protesting in Polish against the disorder occurring in our Archdiocese “ Your Holiness, Olinda and Recife live like shepherdless sheep, solidarity ! ” . That is how the first laics’ denunciation happened in Brazil, before the toppest Catholic Church authority . That protest turned out to be one more symbol aggregated to our Journal.

We do not intend to be sectarian, founders of a new church, or anything alike. What we do want and struggle for is to drive it closer to the Gospel, a Church rather inspired by the Holy Ghost than by the Canon Law Code.

A Catholic Church under the style of St. Francis in his option toward the poor, and in accordance with St. Paul, a Church for all not only for Jerusalem and whose main concern is the fight against poverty, injustice, starvation, wherever the Gospel is denied.

Our fight is not for a new church but for the Church’s renewal in her mission to prepare God’s Kingdom on earth, engaged with Jesus to make it happen.

To that extent, we fight for such a conservative Church, regarding this attempt to revive the first Christians’ utopia on their way, hand in hand, to that Kingdom.

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