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The New Church Journal first came out in Boa Viagem Parish in 1991. By that time, the laics who took part in the Parish Counsel were forbidden to express themselves when Dom José Cardoso Sobrinho, Archbishop of Olinda and Recife, arbitrarily dismissed the Parish Priest Luís Antônio de Oliveira.

Since that time, there had already been two temples bounded in Boa Viagem Parish: The Mother Church, an old cramped up place whose construction dates back to 1704, located at the main square after which its name came - “Igreja da Pracinha” ( little square church ) , and the other one known as “Igreja Nova” ( new church ) which is a large, modern and comfortable building , specially set up to hold all the community and solve the space limitation problem due to the population growth.

At that time, there was a journal, out of circulation today, which had been edited for over 15 years. The “Pracinha Journal” , as it used to be called, served as official Parish media and was also censored to publish anything about that archdiocesan procedure.

Against such situation, some of the Parish Counsel members resigned and founded an independent journal, free from any hierarchical obedience or publicity support.

That is how the New Church Journal appeared.

As the “Pracinha” Journal represented the old Boa Viagem Church, nothing more appropriate than naming the newly founded journal as the “New Church Journal”, bearing the new Boa Viagem temple drawing as its symbol.

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